With a late license and a 250 capacity venue, Eiger is a versatile venue perfect for any event. In the past it has hosted everything from function events and photo shoots to live music shows and all night raves. As well as the main venue, smaller 30 – 40 capacity rooms are available to hire to cater for every need.

For more information, email: [email protected].

A space to party, gig, play & hang

As well as being a versatile venue, Eiger is a perfect place to come and work. With a fully stocked bar as well as hot drinks, free super-fast WiFi, plenty of power sockets, free parking and lots of space. As well as this, we have separate rooms available for meetings & more.

Accessibility Info

Eiger Studios is wheelchair accessible, and flat load in areas are available at both ends of the venue. If you need a rehearsal room downstairs, please let the staff know in advance, or when booking.