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Brave Nu World Tour

Numetal and Big Beat revival direct from Australasia.

The Feeders

The Feeders formed in 2022 to act as the backing band for Anders Colsefni, the original Slipknot vocalist, on his Australasian tour. On this tour The Feeders played the first Slipknot album, “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” in full. The international reviews were impressive. The show that the Feeders put together for Anders took the international metal media world by storm having profiled features in Blabbermouth, Metal Hammer and all other major metal publications.

Since the completion of the Mate Feed Kill Repeat tour cycle the Feeders enlisted Xen (Kaosis frontman) and now tour as a full Slipknot tribute act. The Feeders play all the classic Slipknot hits including Duality, Psychosocial, Eyeless as well as a few deep cuts.

The Firestarters

Tragedy sometimes births amazing creations. In 2019 when Keith Flint, the singer of the Prodigy, passed away Churv, the guitarist of QLD band Sin Soto, was so moved by the loss he decided to turn his pain into music. He began working on a Prodigy tribute set. He rapidly lay the foundations of the set creating the music for his dream Prodigy show.

The Firestarters play all the bangers and a few rare tracks for the hardcore fans. This set is close to the real thing as you can get. The Firestarters are currently taking bookings for Europe after a string of dates through Australia.


Hailing from the dark underbelly of the electronic and metal subcultures in the deep South Pacific, Kaosis has risen to be widely recognized as one of Australasia’s most industrious and exciting new acts. Kaosis ‘ live show is unparalleled and on stage, the act becomes a frenzy of distortion, bass, lasers, and fire worship.

Kaosis has collaborated with members of Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Skindred, Incubus, Machinehead, and many others in their short 5-year history. Kaosis put on a show unlike anything you have seen before.

Sin Soto

Sin Soto is a 3-piece genre-bending music group from Australia blending an energetic, eclectic mix of rock, metal, hip hop, pop, and electronica. Lyrically, the band always covers socially aware topics that are worldwide issues.

Sin Soto is one of the biggest talents currently circulating in the underground rock scene. They are one of the few acts that do everything with 100% integrity and authenticity. Live, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that this is a 3 piece act as all three members ooze charisma and personality.


Brisbane hard rock outfit Piston Fist has been called many things, but at the crux of the matter lies the true essence of hard rock. Loud guitars, irresistible vocals, and a drum and bass section that simply sizzles. PistonFist take the foundations of traditional rock music, inject it with steroids and push the results to the limits. PistonFist are not for the faint hearted.






Their fifth time playing Leeds for Mutant Movement is going to be a special one, not only can you see them up close and personal in this intimate venue playing one of their Marathon two hour sets, this time there will be no support act and there’s no need to make special arrangements to stay out late as this is happening on a Saturday afternoon!!

The last time they played a venue this size was at Hifi Club, Leeds back in January 2020 and that Sold Out so don’t hang about, get your tickets NOW before they’re all gone!

Based in the bands own Prophecy Studios situated in South Cheshire, Black Celebration lovingly analyse, program and perform such anthems as Enjoy the Silence, Never Let Me Down Again and the globally recognised Personal Jesus along with the very best tracks from Depeche Mode’s 36 years of creating perfectly alternative pop.

Live, there are few bands that perform with the passion and intensity that BC generate during their shows. Whether it’s the perfect pop of Just Can’t Get Enough or the pop perversion of Master & Servant, the shear brilliance of Stripped and Walking In My Shoes, or the guitar heavy I Feel You, each track is finely honed to recreate that Depeche Mode experience. From the energetic, engaging and twirling front man Dave Gahan to the sweetly sinister ballads of Martin L. Gore, Black Celebration leave no stone unturned. Expect all the greats plus a selection of the very best B-sides and album tracks, including songs you have never heard Depeche play themselves or never will again.

Having amazed fans around the country with their style and swagger it truly is something not to be missed. If you see one Depeche Tribute in your life…it has to be ‘Black Celebration – The Definitive Tribute to Depeche Mode’. They have to be seen to be believed!

Once the show is over, it doesn’t end there, Mutant Movement will be DJing for over 3 hours with no limits of year or genre, basically anything goes!


Saturday 14th September 2024 at 3pm

TICKETS £13.90 +bf, £20 on the door subject to availability

Accessibility Info

Eiger Studios is wheelchair accessible, and flat load in areas are available at both ends of the venue. If you need a rehearsal room downstairs, please let the staff know in advance, or when booking.